Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Tyra Show

So, right now on the Tyra Show, she has a girl who is like 15 or so and wants to get married to an 18 yr old BOY (becuase as we all know men take a longer time to mature than some house plants).

Tyra: So where did you meet him?
Girl: At camp, he was my camp counselor and was 16 at the time.
Tyra: How old were you?
Girl: 12. He was my sister's bf.
Tyra: Why do you want to marry him?
Girl: I love him and want to be with him forever.
Tyra: Now, I'm gonna ask you an adult question. Do you have sex with him (because they sleep in the same bed at home and her mom knows about it)?
Girl: Yes, twice a day.
Tyra: Are you using protection?
Girl: No. I want to have a baby. (Yeah having a baby is just soooooooooo freaking easy-my comment, not hers). I've been trying for one year and am on fertility drugs.
Tyra: When did you lose your virginity?
Girl: When I was 13.

Anyways so you get the gist of the conversation these two are having and after question Tyra is like shocked at the girl's response. My question is with sex being every where, whether is the news, soap operas, tv, magazines, billboards (GG's OMG! poster campaign), a person is bombarded and told to do it but those who are on tv are like "no, you shouldn't have sex so young!" So, when a teen does finally do it, then she/he has to think about if they get pregnant are they going to keep the baby or not. Will there be an abortion? Will I have to drop out of school?

The best option is just to say no and stay away from the opposite sex. Period! Find an extracurricular activity. Go out with friends as a group and never be alone with the opposite sex because as we know the third one there is the Shaitaan and boy does he whisper some evil thoughts.

The best part about this show is that when different Muslim countries try to create laws that allow underage marriages, it is for this reason, so that children are not born out of wedlock. So the westerners idea is have sex. The eastern idea is marry young. What is the actual solution to all of this? Allah knows.

NOTE: My brain is scattered today so sorry if none of this makes any sense.


Chuckle said...


i don't want to get married. ever.

i just want to care of my madre and padre. theyre like my kids.

Chuckle said...

and never apoligize for your thoughts gurrrl. this blog is for you not us.

MarjnHomer said...

lmao. there are so many things runnin thru my head that my head hurts sometimes..

Mrs. Cullen said...

omg that girl is crazy. and i wanna get married!

Constructive Attitude said...

for some reason when i was reading all this it seemed like a deja vu thing. and then i remembered ricki lake and how she always had episodes like this.

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Artistic Logic said...

i never wanted to get married but now i do.... i donno why this is relevant lol

BUTTTTTTT .... marrying young is only the solution when two people are mature... that's very hard to find... people were wiser in the olden days, why can't we be that way??

but wait, that girl was 16 and that guy was 18 does that mean he can be charged for rape (there's a different name for this that i can't remember... having sex with an underage person)??
hmm .... tv, songs, movies its all poison

DEFENDrights said...

I actually saw this episode and I felt a little bad for the girl because she looked really naive and had no idea the responsibilities that would come with it, and she mentioned Jamie Lynn Spears and a lot of girls are trying to be those teen mothers now

I don't know why the mother allowed the boy in her bed in the first place but either way they would probably still be sleeping together

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