Sunday, July 18, 2010

The perfect ending to...

a beautiful day. I just received an award from the awesome Falling up at Symphonic Discord.

"The rules of this award are to write down where you see yourself being in ten years and to then pass this award on to ten people."

1. My kids are older and in school. Inshallah I will be more patient as the years go by.

2. I traveled to Taj Mahal, Paris and did Hajj by then. Inshallah. I want to go to Taj Mahal for our 10 year wedding anniversary.

3. I, too am socially inadequate. My mom and dad can talk to anyone and everyone about anything. I would like to be able to talk to strangers more comfortably.

4. More girls' fun. I want to have a group of women who I surround myself with and we go on yearly cruises and adventures.

5. I want to be able to focus more in prayer and have improved my Tajweed in Quran.

6. I want to be at my ideal weight and stay there.

7. I want to be a college graduate. It irks me whenever I have to mark the box where it states education. So since I did not finish college the highest grade completed for me is high school. It really irks me.

8. I want to be more in love with my husband than I am today. Our seven year itch is next year.

Now I pass it on to...

1. Just a mother of two

2. Journalist Nargis

3. Pages of my Journal

4. Bangladesh Wife

5-10 To any other fellow readers who would like to try this. Let me know and I will be sure to visit. :-)

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