Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whats up Doc?

I went to the doctor's today for blood results. Everything came back normal. :-)
I still feel exhausted all the time. My periods are lighter and for a couple of months they were black. I don't know why. The doctor lady said it was probably stress or me losing weight really fast. I have this bump on my arm that is not going away. So I showed the doctor lady today and she is going to do biospy on it. Her theory is that a bug bit me and a cyst has formed. Nothing to worry about.

I also mentioned to her that I wanted to lose weight. Her advice was to eat only 25 grams of carbs everyday for two weeks. If you look at labels everything it proportioned above that but I will try it. If a person does this for two weeks straight they will lose 10 pounds with little to no exercise but it takes great discipline.

In other news today my son decided to walk to the park by himself. He nearly made it except I screamed his name at the top of my lungs and he ran back. These kids are such hard work. I was thinking of putting my FB status as:

If I knew kids were going to be this easy, I would have more.

(Sarcasm in case anyone missed it).

1 comment:

Ruby said...

AF has been weird with me too but i blame it on the mirena lol dr appts can bite sometimes. I think i would have freaked if my kid took off walkin to well anywhere. kids i think they are the reason behind gray hair! lol

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