Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flood update

Yesterday was crazy. Actually the night before it was pouring rain. So much that Michigan and Ohio were considered flood states. Ohio's loss was over a million dollars. A high school was demolished and along with that the valedictorian of that high school lost her father.

I was sound asleep while my hubby and his younger brother were having a hard night. They left from work a half hour later than everyone else. We never fixed our car's radio so they knew nothing about the craziness going on the freeway. Freeways were flooded and people did not know how to maneuver. Some took a chance and went through the rain water and made it while others did not. My hubby's car did not make it through. The tow truck company came and took an hour trying to find them and then maneuver them to the car shop. They got out of the car at one point and pushed it through flood water. My brother in law took off shoes and socks while hubby did not.

They were stuck for 2 and half hours before the tow truck arrived. He called me around 5:30 to come and pick him up. This has happened before except this time there was no extra phone in the house (like last time) and only my younger sis to watch all three kids. Our spare car is giving us trouble too.

The car was in the shop all day and the mechanic said only the starter needs replacing. Inshallah that is the only thing that needs to be done and nothing more. So far the cost of replacement with parts and labor is running 200 dollars.

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