Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Depression is something that affects not only the family but friends, life and the way of living. The person no longer wants to sleep. Sleep is gone. It never comes and no matter how exhausted a person is they are not able to sleep. Sleep is a way of recharging and getting your focus back on track. If it is not there and totally gone, slowly your mind will also follow.

I am asking for help for someone I know for suggestions about sleep and depression and how to get it back naturally. If you can help please let me know. I will not disclose the identity of this person and would like it if that is not asked also.

thank you


Tricia said...

I will also ask around...I've always known surrounding yourself with positive people and thoughts but still will ask around..

pilgrimchick said...

This is difficult--it isn't so easy to regain sleep because it generally takes an understanding of what the cause of the depression is before physiological processes like sleep return to normal. It's kind of a chicken-and-egg concept with an actual answer--the depression caused the sleeplessness, so the depression has to be addressed before the sleeplessness will abate. Has "your friend" considered speaking to a counselor or psychologist?

Softly Spoken said...

Sigh, the best way to overcome depression is keep yourself busy. Did you know you cannot be depressed if you are physically doing something? Doing something. Anything.

Also-- emerge yourself in reading the Quran. It helps a lot. Helps heal. Heal wounds. Also the person should try writing down their thoughts, that may relieve some of the stress.

Read Quran, listen to it. Pray. Emerse themselves in prayer (I'm asuming they are Muslim) and here are some quick links:

[2] For depression, keep thanking Allah for your blessings. Whenever you feel down, say "Alhamdulillah" ("All praise is due to Allah"), repeatedly, bringing to mind Allah's blessings upon you, one by one. Also: Please search SunniPath Answers (http://qa.sunnipath.com) for related answers--search for "depression."


Hope it helps!

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