Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time's up!

People seem to enjoy and like having the easy way out.

Don't like your hubby, get a new one.
Don't like your clothes, buy new.
Don't like your car or house, lease or rent forever.
Don't like your life, end it.
Don't like kids screaming, hit them.
Don't like your boss, have the last word.
Don't like abortion doctors, silence them.
Don't like someone of a different faith, invent propaganda and murder them.

And the list goes on and on.

We are so prone to giving up instead of fighting it out. We are losing our patience as well as our minds. We are gaining weight and losing our health. Everything is falling to pieces but how do we put it back together before its too late. Is it too late?

This past weekend, two people in Hollywood committed suicide. 41 year old Andrew Koenig and and 18 year old Michael Blosil. Andrew Koenig was from the 1980s show Growing Pains. Was missing since Valentine's Day only to be found hung from a tree 13 days later on February 27, 2010. He was suffering from depression. Michael Blosil, same suffering from depression left a note for his roommate and friend jumped off his apartment complex building.

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