Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm frustrated because....

my kids scream and have tantrums all day long
I clean all day the house is still dirty
I can never find time with my hubby
my son, the middle one cries for everything all the TIME..
time is passing by and I feel like I accomplished nothing
my son's favorite phrase is "I don't like you."
I have many goals but no motivation to achieve them
I want to lose weight but don't know how
I spend more time on the computer that its unhealthy
I feel stuck, life is passing by
I'm not taking any advantage of my youth
at times I feel like a kid in front of my parents
I want to rip out my hair but I cannot

1 comment:

Richele said...

Did I write that...how did you get my post?

My house is a disaster and I sit here and type. I have a million ideas and never put pen to paper. I see others accomplishing while I'm still in the "think it out" phase.

Yes, I know the feeling. You need some time for yourself and a project. Seriously. I felt a bit better when i decided to get up and stay up one hour (at least) before everyone wakes and after they go to bed. Then I do something just for me. Read...write...blog...write down goals. Whatever...sometimes just watch a movie.

Write down your goals and do something everyday toward it...no matter how small.

We all feel like that. I hope to finally get out of my funk as I take my own advice. lol. I'm slowly moving ahead and feeling less pressure. I pray you do as well.

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