Monday, March 29, 2010

Super weekend

I had a wonderful weekend. Mashallah. Mashallah. (Trying not to jinx it for next weekend.) Family came over on Saturday (everyone minus Constructive Attitude and mom). My kids would not fall asleep on Saturday. My baby kept tossing and getting up and tossing and getting up for half an hour. I was already exhausted to deal with that. The two older ones kept going up and down the stairs. I tried putting the middle child with his uncle in the lower quarters but he refused. My daughter, the kicker, slept next to dad. I fell asleep waiting for the kids to sleep.

Sunday, my little brother came over. He's actually grown, married with a kid but to me he's my lil bro who stands tall over me. So he came over and we had chana chur and hot dogs with tartar sauce and ketchup sliced in half on whole wheat bread like a sandwich. The hubby's specialty. Don't deny it til you try it.

Finally Sunday night we put the kids to bed and I fell asleep talking to hubby, next to him. It was pure bliss :-)

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