Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things I Want Thursdays!

Things I want Thursday was inspired by are you sassified who got it from Scope.

So What do I want are the following.

WORLD PEACE. Really, how much longer are we going to keep fighting wars because of land, religion differences, power, and oil. Get over it and just divvy it up equally.

BRAS. Nothing better that great, brand new bras. (Maybe some new undies, but I already got those.)

POTTY TRAINED KIDS. I would so love this right about now before we move into our new house. My son isn't even close.

DAY TIME SHIFT JOB. My hubby works the night shift so he sleeps during the day. My question to you is, when do you think we actually talk (especially since his work place banned cell phones.)?

PEACE OF MIND. This is one thing I could use right about now. My mind is forever racing and think of the worst case scenarios and death lately. When you do not feel safe to walk from your car to your house, you know you have some serious issues.

BAKERELLA. I want to be able to bake and decorate as good as this chick. This girl is awesome. Just check out her site. You'll know what I mean.

TRANSPARENT GOVT. I know this is not a good thing but it is when it comes to the Palestinian-Israel conflict.

Now anyone who reads this, tell me what do you most want right now?

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Sass said...

Thanks for playing along!!!

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