Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday Frenzy

Today was a day full of running around and screaming kids. My daughter woke up with an attitude (what else is new!) and it lasted all day long. I love when the kids wake up in a cheery mood. So the day pretty much went like this:

10 am-Me and kids are up
10:30 am-Contractor calls and wants to talk to hubby. Hubby got home at 5:30 and is sleeping. Contractor says he can see the house now.
10:35-Hubby jumps out of bed. showers. eats and leaves.
11:30-appt with contractor.
1:00-hubby comes home. picks up brothers and goes to Masjid with brothers.
3:30-the men are home and hungry. Get all food and plates and water on table.
4:00-All leave for work.

What you do not see in between the time slots is the endless running around with a chicken's head cut off mom who is trying to cook, bathe and clean the house while having two kids who are constantly crying. The baby is hungry, tired, wet all at the same time. The middle child is wanting some attention and all the toys his sister has. The daughter wants some time to herself. I put both older kids outside in the rain (on the porch of course) and they are calm. Its cold and hubby is like they will sick. I'm like, "look how happy and calm and QUIET they are." He only lasts 5 mins with kids before yanking them in. Party pooper.

To end the day with Ice Cream (Snickers), pizza and curly fries is the best. :-)

G'night all!

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