Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramadan Day 2

So I've been seeing some great posts lately across the blog land about Ramadan and feel I should add my two cents. My hubby woke me up for Sehri on both days. Actually day 1 he came home at 4:30 and I thought we were all going to have sehri together but we did not. He took his sehri to work and was out the door.

Day 2 of Ramadan my kids woke me up at 3:30 am because they want me to sleep near them. I'm co-sleeping with the new baby and when my daughter is home its 4 of us in one bed. So last night I had the idea of splitting us up with me nearby into 2 beds. Two kicking and rolling kids with a newborn in one bed is called CHAOS!

This a recount of last night:
11:30 pm Son is still watching YouTube videos. refuses to sleep
11:35 turn off computer and put him to sleep, he's begging for fire (his word for light)
1:00 am- My niece calls me to tell me she's home. Me and her mom talk for few mins and hang up.
3:30- Daughter wakes up crying. She can't find me. Wants to sleep with me. Son falls off sofa bed because he rolls so much. He's awake too. I'm hopping from the bed to the sofa bed.
4:30-Alarm goes off from the cell phone. Hubby wakes me up for sehri by calling.
4:50-6:00 Eat Sehri. Read Quran. Pray Fajr.
8:30 am-Kids are up so that means I'm done sleeping for the night.


Faith in Writing said...

Oh my goodness, what a night! You're a busy thing.

Constructive Attitude said...

I just dont know how you all do it.

Queen said...

Aha, someone else who is suffering from sleep deprivation! and heres me thinking it was just me! Ramadhan mubarak to you as well sis, your hubby goes to work really early!

MarjnHomer said...

fiw-its good to stay busy than waiting for the time to pass.

ca-you'll get there and one day be able to do it too. have confidence!

queen-yeah i've been sleep deprived since the new one came hubby works night shifts just so he can pray jumah on fridays

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