Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Back!

I've been gone for 2 weeks now and now happy (or depressed) to say I'M BACK! My kids are driving me crazy lately. I have 3. My youngest is officially 40 days. I can go back to praying and that feels like a relief. Shaytaan has been messing too much with my head. My MIL left today to go back home. The weather back home is disgustingly hot with no wind that you sweat, it dries and you sweat some more. Great weight loss regimen for those interested. The boys are having a nap. Actually all the men in the house are knocked out. I'm feeling ignored and unloved.

Have a happy weekend!


Constructive Attitude said...

Im feeling hungry.

Sal is always sleeping. SIGH

Queen said...

hi nice to have you back!

Mina said...

Nice to see you back sis, Ramadan kareem, much love xXx

MarjnHomer said...

ca-eat something

queen-thnx. :-)

mina-ramadan kareem to you too

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