Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just another saturday....

Do you ever listen to a song over and over because it depresses you? Well the song does not really depress me but reminds me of another time and place. This is so deja vu because I mentioned this song only a couple days ago but its still playing over and over.

I am home alone with 2 kids (mine) in my mom's house for a day. I was thinking not only do I clean up after everyone at home but now with everyone gone to Canada for the day, I have to clean up after everyone in my mom's house and she's not even home. I'm so sorry for this pity fest going on this weekend. Inshallah it will get better. Just do not know when.

My daughter reminded me of all the flashing lights and helicopter that she saw last night. This helicopter was hovering and flashing its light and two police cars stopping a car at an intersection. It was crazy! My daughter is terrified of police cars. I blame that on people who scare little kids. She gets freaked out by bugs and anything resembling bugs (bawled up pieces of string, plants, anything!) Now with my son I'm trying not to use any scaring tactics to make him behave. What cruel person would do that to their kid just so the kids would do what they are told? No kid ever always does what he/she is told.

The more that I think about what kind of house I want, the more my mind settles on ranches. The houses that do not have two levels (minus the basement). With kids I do not want to be watching if they are falling down the stairs or what they are doing on another level in the house. In front of me or near me is OK as long as they are visible. My mom's house is four stories. Attic, basement, floor with kitchen and living/dining room, and the floor with bedrooms only. Just the cleaning of it is taking all morning. My bird house that I live in takes about a couple of hours to tidy up whenever I need to. That's it, just two hours! Also big houses have lots of noise and creaks that you get spooked out fast! I sure do.


Faith in Writing said...

Wow, that sounds like a big house. In Australia we mainly have the kind of houses you want. We don't have basements though (some do but not many) and we don't usually have attics unless it's a really old place, or built by a random attic-lover. lol.

I would be scared in too big a house... plus from seeing scary movies... I live in a 1bedroom place now and I still check all the rooms (4) so i can't imagine a bigger place. When I used to babysit for rich families in teh big mansions I was always a little scared after the kids went to sleep... lol. The mum would say "Oh, you didn't have to stay reading the newspaper outside his door." and I was like 'No really, I wanted to." :)
I'm a scaredy cat.

MarjnHomer said...

FIW- My mom's house is huge! they have lived there for 20 plus years and never did any work on it til now.
So normally the houses in Australia re bi-level, thats nice. :-) too many floors and two kids equal a bigger mess anyways. I do not like scary movies either. I refuse to watch any ever! They are freaking scary. My sisters use the trick where they make fun of the movie the way thru and then end up laughing. I couldnt do that. I'd still be scared. We are scaredy cats. :-D

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