Saturday, May 9, 2009

six word saturday

finals over. graduation done. Canada trip.

I'm not going. swine flu scare.

hubby said so. going on BBQ.

again not me. hubby and bros.

so lost and need some guidance.

need goals and life in life.


Call Me Cate said...

Sorry you aren't going. I've decided to live in denial (and hand sanitizer) about the swine flu but I'd probably be more cautious if I was pregnant.

Thanks for participating!

Ribbon said...

sorry to read that you are feeling blue.
pls feel welcome at my place for a laugh or two.

best wishes and happy six word saturday


MarjnHomer said...

cate-i'm so cautious since im pregnant but still its hard.

ribbon-i've been blue lately. donno why

Faith in Writing said...

What a great post (although not the content..)

Oh, I hope you find some life in life. What are you doing now? Do you study? Read/ Write besides blogging?

I hope you find something to give life some more life. Do you like crafts, sewing, art, cooking new foods....hmmmmm. Try to think of something fun and interesting you've always wanted and get to it! I have dreams of making handbags... and today I want to leave my husband again because he doesn't want me to call my parents when he's here AND our baby girl hit her mouth on a wooden box anad he screamed at me that it was all my fault and scared our baby more.... did that make you feel better? :)
Joking. But I hope you do feel better {hug}

MarjnHomer said...

FIW- awwww hope ur daughter is better. I like lookin at images of differnt foods and want to learn to cook a million and one dishes. Problem is I never have the car and my hubby usually does the groceries so he won't know what I'm referring to. Right now my kids are fighting over a shoe. crafts I'm not really into. Well gotta break up this fight. bye

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