Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pregnancy Update

My hubby put up the fence in front of our house so I can go outside with the kids and not worry about my son running straight into the streets. He will go as far as it is physically possible. You have to drag him back into the yard. He does not comprehend the words "Stop!" or "NO!". He loves to USE those words. His current favorites are "stop", "go", "no", and "more".

So on Saturday with my little sister, we were walking on the sidewalk in front of my house. I normally do not walk outside with my son because he runs away. I even sat on the porch for more than a few minutes and enjoyed it while my lil sister is chasing my son. It was fun and funny. I was laughing til my side hurts. That night my left foot got swollen and hurt whenever I walked. I do not know how that happened. Maybe I did too much.

The next thing I noticed on Saturday night was the baby moving less. The doctors and nurses advise if you notice sudden swelling to go into the ER and get it checked out. I wanted to wait it out and see what happens with me and the baby. On Sunday it was less movement too but I told my hubby later in the afternoon. We were suppose to go in the evening but that did not plan out. We went to my mom's and was there til nearly midnight.

Monday morning comes. I ask my hubby Sunday night when will he take me. He said after an appointment on Monday, we will go. I still did not call LRC (Labor Reception Center) at my delivery hospital because of what they will say. I am terrified of going in to be checked out. The one time I went in to get checked for fetal movement was with my daughter. She was delivered by emergency C-section and my poor guy had no idea what was happening until the docs announced and showed him his daughter.

Finally after dropping off my son at my mom's we go to LRC. I check in at 5:25 and see the doc at 6:30 to which she says the baby is now having a bit of a "quiet time". Allah shukr (thank Allah) that I did not need another C-section and my baby is alive and well.

Just a few more weeks to go and I feel like I'm losing control along with my mind....

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