Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Siesta

I did not have time to type this up for Friday Flashbacks so I'm posting it as my own Saturday Siesta during my down time today.
My hubby is one person that completely understands me and I love that about him. Like when he opens and speaks his words of knowledge, its like "wow, you really get it." The other day when he had a day off from work he was like, "I see that you have a hard time with both kids when we're not around to help." My response, "I just deal with it."
My son was at my feet exhausted but will not go to bed without me. I want to finish cooking chicken but cannot, so I sleep next to him on the bed until he dozes off but try my hardest not to doze off myself.
Billy woke up at morning prayer crying for me. I was asleep next to my hubby in the other room. He cry-walks to the bathroom and sees the light on, lies on the floor whining for me, thinking I'm in the bathroom. I grab him off the floor and bring him to bed with me. He falls asleep again.
I wore a green salwar kameez this week and it brought out a lot of responses. My brother said I looked like a leprechaun, the funny little men you see around St. Patrick's day. My bil said I looked like a shamrock. "Do you know what a shamrock is?" My daddy said I looked beautiful. My hubby's response was priceless. He was like, "Oh, she wore that yesterday, you didn't see it?" to his younger brother.
My daughter lost her gold earring outside a few days back. I tell her to look for it. She says, "no, I'm a boy." Her uncle says to her, "come here for a minute." Her response, "I'm busy taking care of Billy." Such a smart mouth!
The "best" back talk I got this week from my 3 year old was:
me: "Go make the bed."
daughter: "How am I suppose to make the bed. I'm no grown woman who knows how to make the bed. Do I know how?"

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Constructive Attitude said...

hahahaha. i cant believe she said that.

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