Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poetry night Thursdays

I used to write poetry. Nothing so great but some that I got published. These poems were before marriage and kids. So, that means more time on hand for these things and random thoughts. Now looking back at those poems I can see my immaturity and mental state. To see some of these random thoughts check out

Nighttime, babies crying
I'm so exhausted
it feels like dying
tears streaming down the face
toys scattered all over the place
blocks, big and small in
different hues
from reds to yellows to blues
son wants everything right now

Breezy, cool spring day
sun shining, grass is green
fall leaves need to be cleaned
this is spring cleaning.
Looking out, see you looking in
now where do I begin
Spring love blossoms
as cherries ripen for picking

tossing and turning
mind is racing
too fast, too furious
to write it all down
sleep no come,
water is dry,
blood is gone completely

My one true love, far way in
the darkness. I search but cannot
find. Forever awake in my heart
though my mind and body sleeps.

Purpose of life. Islam, serve Allah
be a wife, mom, spouse, sister,
daughter, friend up until the last moment
up until the end.

Darkness. It hides all unseen to the eye,
even evil, deception, cheaters, liars.
When morning arrives, we see all and
know all. The heart hides the truth
but the eyes give it piece by piece, away.


Girl On A Journey said...

This is great

Constructive Attitude said...

i really liked these :)

Constructive Attitude said...

i think you should start writing more poems, and i dont think ur other ones were immature or anything. i think they were too mushy though. sometimes

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