Monday, April 6, 2009

Harold #2

Over the weekend at Harold's there was uproar over a new sewing machine. The Journalist in the family kept calling everyday for my sewing machine. Her daughter had clothes she needed to sew for people and it kept bunching up on the bottom side. That was the only reason she called everyday. Finally, out of the goodness of our hearts, my hubby and I went sewing machine shopping. We got a Brother VX 1435 Mending and Sewing Machine for around 87 dollars. Brand Spanking new machine! So after getting the new machine, you would think that Journalist would call and say, "oh, thanks you guy's really didn't have to do that." What she says instead is this:

Journalist: Oh, Marj the new machine needs oil and we don't have any.

Me: Why would it need oil, its brand new?

J: Well, in the manual it says after an hour of sewing, you need to oil it.

Me: I didn't see anywhere in the box, any of mention of oil.

J: Well, when you guys get around to it, can you drop off some oil for the machine.

Journalist called again today and said the machine is broke and needs to be returned. If her daughter does not know how to use the sewing machine, she should ask for assistance. Instead they do know how to use it and it just is not working right. Yeah RIGHT!!

And add to the ever growing list of things they need: sharper scissors and new ironing machine.


Rachel Cotterill said...

Oh dear. I had a massive struggle to set my sewing machine up when I first got it, so I feel their pain (the instructions can be very unclear), but you'd think they could figure it out eventually.

P.S. Enjoying the song that plays when I visit your blog :) How did you set that up?

MarjnHomer said... is the site to check out the music that plays in the background. i just dont know how to change it up so im kinda stuck there...

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