Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Flashbacks #6

This week I had someone home with me, so it kind of felt nice. Usually after the men leave for work its just me and the kids but Monday and Tuesday it was my cousin. She had some weird antics. She was very picky about how expensive or how cheap things were. She liked new things compared to old. She is a seamstress and knows how to sew but will not admit to the fact that she has no clue how to operate a sewing machine. She likes cutting, piecing and sewing new clothes but hates making alterations to old clothes. My thing is, if you found a way to make money then do not complain. As the saying goes, "Beggars cannot be choosers."

Alhamdullilah (All praise to Allah) that my husband's temper when it come to our kids and their scream fest is improving while mine is declining. This week when he stayed home, they were forever screaming and crying. He told me to just ignore them. My daughter wanted to be held like her brother is sometimes. Her dad put her down and picked up Billy and she got upset and started throwing a tantrum. She wants attention too. When it comes to the kids and discipline, my hubby disciplines Billy while I discipline Sumy. I'm thinking what is going to happen to kid numero tres when he gets here. Is he going to be ignored? or is he going to get it worse? Is he going to get it better? Who knows (besides Allah)? Only time and place will tell. This week I have been trying harder and harder to get Billy not to ask for a bottle in the middle of the night. He woke up last night crying and I walked around with him at 1 am and he cried for a good half hour. Finally he fell asleep. I wanted to do a victory dance because I did not give in. If I could get him to give up breastfeeding and his pacifier, then I can conquer the bottle!

One nursery rhyme came to mind this week for a different reason that I cannot disclose but should share. It is "London Bridges" when you get to the part of take the key and lock her up. This just reminded me of trust issues and who people feel they can trust these days. It's just mind boggling when it comes to trust and who deserves and who should deserve it. The "key" was taken and locked up and put away.

My daughter is super afraid of everything. She gets easily scared of anything. I hate this because she will not go to the bathroom without her baby brother. Its just too funny but annoying sometimes because she will rather pee on herself than go to the bathroom by herself. So, this week she was unwinding thread from the spool and it got all bunched up. I told her to bring it to me so I can wind it up again. At the time it was wrapped around her leg. So, as I'm winding up the spool again, its moving away from her leg and she is freaking out, screaming. She was scared there was a bug crawling up her leg or something. My friend asked me what was wrong (I was on the phone at the time) and I told her. It was funny but the girl was terrified.

My son talks to his shadow and yells at it like its misbehaving or something. He is very mischievous little kid. We have limited space in our house (it being 480 square feet with 6 people). So anyways, after cooking one day the pot of food was placed on top of the freezer. He goes and grabs the pot of food and places it on the floor. I was like "eeeeek!" because what if it poured over the entire floor or something. Not a drop was spilled. He is too naughty. Another time, he was too quiet and he opened the cooking oil and poured it into an empty pot (like he was going to cook or something). So the lesson learned is: If its too quiet the kids are up to no good.

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