Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Flashbacks

So I got this idea to recap some of the little uneventful things that happened all week from I beg to Differ last week who got the idea from Half Past Kissin' Time. So here it goes:

My lil sis was over for the weekend last week and all of us were in the room just chillaxin'. Then I was like to my bil, the younger one, "I'm full!" His reply was "then its time to change your diaper." My hubby was in another world to catch that comment but I laughed my head off as his creativity.
In my hubby's village back home, his female cow gave birth to a baby calf. The cow gave birth last year too. It gives birth to a new baby calf every year. It has about 6-7 baby calves. Also before my parents came to the U.S, my aunt gave as a gift to my future hubby's village a baby calf. The calf since has died. How sad! Cows start giving birth to their babies when they are just 2-3 years old. Talk about babies having babies.
My older bil never tries to be funny but it just comes out as something being humorous. He is still learning the English language and its hilarious! One classic example is the word "hhmmmm.." He wanted to know what it meant. So I told him and then he spelled it as "double h" and "fourple m". After laughing for a couple minutes, I told him there's no such thing as "fourple", that the word is quadruple.
My kids have been sick for what seems like forever. We switched them to a pediatrician who is very qualified and real good with both kiddies. My son is super peaceful during his appointments (even when they tied him up and drew blood from him). My daughter on the other hand screamed even before it was time for her to be seen. Then screamed some more when the doc took a look in her ear full of wax. "She needs her ears cleaned out." I know this but how do you clean out the ears without using a Q-tip?
I did not see who the Bachelor picked for his future bride. This week I had a chest cold, where in the middle of your chest you feel a winter's cold and its just stuck there. It does not move, just stuck there and you can not do anything about it. To feel better naturally, I took a nap in the sunlight. My kids nap time was approaching and they were going crazy without me. Billy went to sleep first and then it was just Sumy and her dad. With the door locked, Sumy says to her dad "I just want to see mom. I won't wake her up." Lol too cute.
Grey's Anatomy always, almost always makes me cry. I blame the hormones. My face is completely wet with tears. I hope that after the baby is born, the emotions are more under control and get better. What made me cry last night was this guy was dying of cancer and kept saying hurtful things to his wife so that she will have courage to find someone after he dies. He does not want her to be all alone without him. The other one was this baby was inside his mom and his heart was on his sleeve (outside of his body).
One of my rooms in the house got locked with the phone held hostage inside. I was secretly praying my hubby does not find out that happened. So who happens to call while my brother is fiddling with the door. The hubby. My younger bil did not have work that night and me and him were up until 1 am talking. One comment stuck with me that he mentioned which is "Mothers go through so much and kids do not recall any of it." That is why in Islam "heave is underneath the mother's feet."
My daughter is potty trained but yesterday had a wet poopy accident. The toilet seat was down and she pooped on herself, which is odd in itself. This made me throw the bathroom carpets and her into wash. She got a bath on the spot and so did her brother. It stopped me from putting it off any longer. The sight of the poo made me want to puke. The sense of smell is amazing when your pregnant.


Mrs4444 said...

Welcome to Friday Fragments, my new friend! :) I added the linky for you. It's pretty simple, and if you want to know how to do it again, just email me and I'll explain it there. My address is mrs4444 a t

Your BIL sure is a funny one! I loved that diaper comment; I laughed out loud (for real).

Wow-Having to clean up poop when you're pregnant; I'm happy to say I don't remember how bad that was!

Have a great weekend :)

Constructive Attitude said...

aww so sad about the calf.
and how come db would get mad if you locked the phone in the room?

Mutmainnah said...

I laughed so much about the fourple, and i don't remember the other ones, but I liked this post a lot. :]
I thought you would add more about Sumy's visit to the doctor.
and in the second to last paragraph you made a spelling error
heaven*** so no one gets confused

Mina said...

Very funny post, sorry bout the poop:/must suck when your pregnant...

MarjnHomer said...

Mrs4444-Thanks for stopping by

CA-I just think he'd be upset but maybe he wont be Idk.

mutm-well glad you liked this post. :-)

mina-poop and foul odor totally suck when your prego

Mrs4444 said...

Let me know if you decide to join us for tomorrow's FF post. I'd be happy to help you link up! :)

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