Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday Flashbacks

Welcome back to Friday Flashbacks at More Good Stuff
Last week I forgot to post about the fact that I thought I was going into labor. I had these ruthless contractions. My doctor said if I get contractions to drink 2 big glasses of water and lie on my side. If after 20 minutes they do not go away to go into ER. It was nearing 20 minutes and I'm going hysterical because my hubby is not picking up his damn phone. His friends aren't picking up their phones and his department is not answering their phone. Where the hell is everyone! I wobble my way to the bathroom and see if using it helps. It did! Ya Allah! What torture. If I really went into labor and the baby was really going to be coming, then what? Have it at home? or call an ambulance? My bil was the only one home with me and my kids were still up. If they were sleeping it would have been easier. They go crazy and search for me if I even go to the bathroom to pee or shower. My daughter will every 2 minutes ask me "Mom, what are you doing?"
Me and my baby (that's growing inside of me) are having a moment right now. It's only me and the little one, with the other two Little ones fast asleep. They never leave enough room in the bed for me and both insist of snuggling up to my back to fall asleep. My son touches my face to make sure I'm next to him at night. My daughter keeps peeking until she is knocked out that I am next to her. I feel like an overgrown hot dog in the wrong sized bun with my two kids on my side when we all sleep in the bed. If I leave even for a minute, they will wake up crying and come into the next room looking for me. Drives me insane!
What do men want? That's a question that I have been thinking of lately. Not because I want an answer but because they are suppose to be the easier sex. Women are so complex that it sometimes drives even other women crazy. So what do men want? Talking to lots of men and seeing what they respond to, I think I have the answer to that question. Men want someone who listens to what they are saying, not just hears but listens. They want a woman who has a sense of humor and does not take everything seriously. They want a friend who understands everything they are going through.
Recently I had someone, a guy say to me "because you look good you don't have to work out." I would take it as a compliment except he has not seen me since I got pregnant and is talking about my pre-pregnancy body.
I'm paranoid sometimes. Not always, just sometimes. For instance my bil left a Monsters drink package on the porch to throw out. I did not notice it before but when I finally did I was thinking who left it there. Should I bring the drink package inside? What if its a trap? This is what happens when you live by yourself and watch too much TV.
My older bil is funny. He is learning the English language and when he tries its super hilarious. His latest attempt was when he said: "the guava juice has the same sentence (sense) as the fruit in the village."
My son, Billy has been sick all week, actually 3 weeks and the meds is not helping. We took him into the ER and more meds. Poor thing coughed and coughed and then threw up all over the pillow and bed. The bed now stinks even after I wiped it all away.
My daughter kept calling me and my hubby on the phone today. She would say "I did not talk to my mom for days." She's too cute!
In one day, which was today me and the hubs got all our errands done within two hours. We've been putting everything off because of laziness but today all our to-do items were marked off and it felt WONDERFUL!!! We got the kids' birth certificates, made copies of documents to renew our kids' medicaid info, got cereal, picked up daughter, changed address on driver's license and all under 2 hours, considering we were on the road for at least an hour, so not bad at all. Pretty awesome!
I have more relatives coming soon. Some of us hope a lot later rather than sooner. With a big family in a small cramped house, you can only expect more drama. I hate drama when it involves those I love and care about. The Dhaka Embassy wants the family members DNA tested to make sure everyone is related. The test per person costs 600 dollars and its 5 people, so do the math. Crazy figures in this economy.


Mrs4444 said...

Sounds like a productive, yet stressful week! I, too, had preterm labor (with my son, 17 years ago). I was in the hospital seven times before I finally delivered at 37.5 weeks. I remember the fear. Keep your bladder empty, but drink a lot, LOL!!

Here's a question for you....where does your husband sleep??

MarjnHomer said...

My hubby sleeps in his own bed in the other room. My daughter will sleep next to him but in the middle of the night comes running to my room to sleep next to me. Mom's love, I don't know.

Mutmainnah said...

So like I dont get what the big bil was trying to say about the village guava.

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