Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Money & moods

GM announced yesterday that it is laying off another 10,000 workers worldwide with 3400 being in the U.S. It seems lately that all people receive is bad news. What ever happened to receiving good news? Does it not exists anymore? When you turn on the TV all you hear is how companies are laying off more workers or how the stimulus bill is stalled.

Well I'm tired of it! I really am. I applaud Obama for his endless efforts to get us out of this mess that took 30 years to make. I do not think that the multiple wars we are fighting helps with the financial matter either (but that's a whole new blog entry).

Now to digress for a minute. I once read somewhere that a person knows that they are one body and one soul with their spouse when their spouses moods affects their moods. If my hubby is stressed then seeing his stress I will also get stressed. If he's happy then I'm happy. If he's sad I'm sad. But him seeing my moods these days, I think do not affect him. He sees them so often that he is probably fazed by them and is like "whatever". (I'm not sure, I'm just assuming). The reason for my moods these days is because I'm expecting and boy do those hormones work overtime. I'm beyond paranoid about this pregnancy and keep getting this feeling that something is not right but the doctors assure everything looks good.

When you watch too much TV (Oprah) you start to over worry about everything. Yesterday they showed an episode where a woman had a tumor inside of her for 20 years and the doctors told her to lose weight. She was sick one day with what she thought was the flu but turned out her appendix burst and near it they found a 140 pound tumor. She is lucky to be alive and to have a tumor that big that did not turn cancerous is an act of Allah (God). How bizarre!

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