Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my dua (wish) for you...

I have thinking lately about this since all you see on the tv is commercials about "Sears grant a wish" or "make a wish" foundation. In other words what would you want to give someone else, it being the season of giving. Everyone out there is short on cash and long on wanting "things, material things" because of course we all live in a material world. But my gifts to those closest to me are not material things rather non-material.

My dua for my lil sis Mynah is you always stay the way you are. Its easier said than done but you have this sense of easiness about you that makes life a joy.

My dau for my lil'est sis Ms. is you are rushing yourself to grow up fast. You never had a childhood and you deserve one, so take it easy while you still can and lose the attitude like you grown already.

My dua for my second sis Shukr is you enjoy life because one day we will all die and you do not want to look back on life and be like "Man, school was such a stress when it didnt have to be."
Your not getting gray hairs for nothing. Don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, let the ground beneath your feet do that for you.

My dua for the sis after me Narf is to remember that there is a life beyond college. People get married, have kids and you will one day be there. No matter how much you want to put it off, it will eventually catch up with you. Also, that there are people beyond your social group. There is your family at home, who after a long day at school with people you only see through school, would actually like you to smile like you mean it and to stop wearing a frown like its frozen on your face.

My dua for my one and only bro E is that you and your lil family have forever bliss. Marriage is hard and will always be hard but you have to look beyond each others idiocy and craziness and to remember that the person your angry with will be the person you have to sleep next to at night and wake up to in the morning. It is always better to forgive and forget. Also you married young so realize that marriage is not like that in fairy tales and movies. It is much more boring but it is up to you spice it up.

My dua for my one and only HUNNY is to take life with ease. The debts will be paid, the kids will grow up and we will get old together. So as long as its like that, stop and smell the roses like you mean it. Quit being angry at idiot credit card companies because they are all thieves out to get your money. Quit being angry at me if I can't convince them to give us 0% APR up to March as it was agreed upon. Remember that if you cannot make your brothers independent of you today they will be dependent on you for life! (Think of Abba n Bhoro sasa)


Mutmainnah said...

Oh man Afa you made me cry and I'm at the library. Imagine seeing some loser smiling and crying at the same time. [That's me]
Your the best Afa I heart you.

Constructive Attitude said...

how come you had something positive to say about everyone, but me.

and how come the stupid marriage issue is always brought up with me. i never said that it wasnt going to happen. i just dont want it to. theres a difference.

MarjnHomer said...

this is my blog and i wrote down my duas for everyone...whether you think urs is positive or not is up to you..the stupid marriage issue is always brought up with you because ur at that stage in ur life whether you admit it or not. and its gonna keep being brought up til you get married. thats just life. gotta just deal with it or brush it off n ignore. the decision is up to you.

controlled chaos said...

C.A. you have a lot of positives you're always worrying about your family, especially your dad and mom. You love talking about your nieces and nephew even though you say you hate kids. And when you're sisters are upset you wanna do stuff for them. I could go on but I'm gonna stop.

MarjnHomer- i liked your post..

Anonymous said...

To me, the answer to the question: "if you love your kids so much, then why do you leave them to go to school?" is "I love them so much that I'm sacrificing spending time with them NOW in order to ensure a better future for them because with my degree, they will be able to live comfortably Insha'Allah" I know I don't have kids but I'm pretty sure that's how I'd feel in the future :)

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