Friday, October 8, 2010

friday flashbacks.

Friday Flashbacks is something I have not done for a very long time and lately have been trying to blog everyday. So enjoy this from...

my kids hate the corner. especially my daughter who says, "if you love us, why do we need to go in the corner." or my son who says, "you were just hugging and kissing us and now we are the in the corner." i love to say to them that I do this for them so they will learn to improve their behavior. this discipline manner booklet i got from a lady at the HIPPY program says, "you should state that you do not like the behavior but love the child that is why they are in the corner."
there is something that all moms with kids who have straight hair have to deal with. these little pesky vermins just suck the blood out of you. they keep on and you just keep on scratching your head til you go biserk. yes, that's right, i'm talking about lice. my daughter got them through someone who will be unmentioned and it spread to me. my hubby put the medicine in my hair with his bare hands. *love him for it*.
today i was so ready to go to a doctor's appointment. the doctor' appointment is Oct. 13th. i had my bags ready and everything. then it hit me to check the date on the calendar. i was ready to get out the door for an appointment one week away. what was i thinking!!


Anonymous said...

The corner is a good option for some kids. It works well with my 3 year old who demands ALL of my attention most days.

Oh no! Lice... It happens to lots of people actually. I hope you and you daughter recover very soon.

Have a great weekend!


MarjnHomer said...

the corner is a good option in calmin them dwn but im always on the look out for better options. the lice situation is under control

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