Sunday, February 14, 2010

Before and after kids

Before having kids, I never knew what raising a child was like. I was once a paraprofessional for a kindergarten teacher. Before that I always dealt with middle or high school kids. Being assigned to kindergarten was an eye opener. You think teenagers are tough to deal with because of their hormones well think again! After having kids I learned that my kids have taught me many lessons along the way, some being:
I can potty train my child in one week.
I can ween my child from the breast, pacifier and bottle. Those months were torture. I am looking forward to the day when my kids will peacefully sleep without any interruption in the middle of the night looking for me or wanting to come into my bed.
I can have fun teaching my kids new things everyday while re-learning things I have forgotten.
I can be a mom who will make a difference in my kids life though I never will be supermom who does it all without losing her mind.
I can watch a movie peacefully or semi with my kids if they are interested in it.
I can learn how to tame the tantrums before they start or at least learn how to be more patient.
I can learn that I am one person who can ask for help when she needs it.

My wish for my kids are:
To love, respect, trust one another and all that they meet
To live in a world where they are foreign to war and violence
To have compassion for the poor person who has had a tough time or has fallen down on their luck
To not become indifferent to wars and its ugliness no matter how many times they see it in the news
To learn to forgive people and not hold grudges against anyone no matter how much someone hurts them
To always have a smile on their face even when they feel like crying
To cry whenever they want for no reason at all if it makes them feel better


Amira said...

aww mashallah beautiful wishes. With kids it seems we learn from them as much as they learn from us. They remind us of taking pleasure in the little things in life.

Anonymous said...

You pottytrained them in one week? That's freaking amazing mashallah! lol

I loved this post. It was so sweet. Inshallah your children will be all that you wish and more :)

Constructive Attitude said...


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