Sunday, February 14, 2010

arranged marriages: before and after

Arranged Marriages 50 years ago before: Family sees girl. They propose. Happily ever after.

Arranged Marriages 50 years later: Post ad online. Make multiple accounts. Girl sees guy. Drops hints to guy hoping he does not find her stalker-ish. Sees guys deleted emails from her. Sees guy checked her profile out 31 times. Waits for guy to propose. Waits. Waits. Meanwhile she is going to school. Finishes degree. Gets a job. Waits. Waits. For guy to propose. Goes to do Master. Checks profile. Travels the world. Waits for guy to propose. Sees her nephews and niece get married. Waits for guy to propose. Marries best friend. Bickering back and forth. Praying divorce is not in the distant future. Forgets about profile. Guy proposes. To best friend. FML.


Tricia said...

Why are relationships so complex nowadays,our grandparents had arranged marriages and it worked out okay.

MarjnHomer said...

they really understood the meaning behind til death do us part. nowadays everyone gives up so easily

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