Monday, November 23, 2009

Get to know me..

So this game is from the blog Good.Intention.=Nothing

1. What is your last name? (so in case you're slightly new here, you may as well write yr name down -if you like-)
nhomer. I would not like to give out my real name her. My screen name is Marjnhomer

2. How old are you? (if you're not comfotable with telling your age, you can skip this one)

I'm 27 and cannot believe I have lived on this earth for that long. My lil sister makes me feel old everyday.

3. What is your job/occupation?

Stay at home mom and full time wife.

4. How do you describe your closet/wardrobe?

Lots of colors. Funky. Classic.

5. How do you describe your home? which kind of furniture do you like most?

Simple and small like a bird's cage. jk.

6. What is your biggest hobby? (how do you like to spend your free time? -except for blogging)

Will get back to this one....

7. Well, having pets is kinda common over there i guess. So do you have pets? (you can give details of course)

Nope. unless you include my kids.

8. How can you express your sense of music? (or favorite kind of music. it doesn't matter as long as it's about music, right?)

Everything. Even country. Love country

9. What is your biggest fear?

To die without faith, without being forgiven, my hubby not being by my side.

10. And what do you love/dislike most about my blog? (you can freely tell it)

Love the simplicity of it all.


Tricia said...

No.7 is funny...
I love your blog too..its cosy and nice..Its nice getting to know you from this post.
I'll d one like this..

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I think kids DO count as pets! lol

Happy ICLW!

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