Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brain's a lil bit fuzzy

I cannot sleep for the past two days. My mind is still playing over what happened to a wife because her husband could not control his temper. I even get scared these days when my hubby gets mad as to where that anger will lead us. I cannot sleep. My kids cry all day. I cry on the inside for the little boy who's mother is gone and what he will think when he hears how his mom died. I am able to be more patient with my kids because I am still here for them while another mother is not. Its like I have no one (everyone) to talk to about this. I am fending the fort (I think that's an expression but not quite sure of its meaning) by myself, day in and day out. Hubby works during the night and sleeps during the day. I feel bad for waking him up. He never seems to get a good nights rest. Humans were created to worship Allah. Humans were made to work during the day and sleep at night. Most of all humans were made to constantly move and eat up until their tummy feels nearly full. When all this out of whack, the human is fat and lazy and unproductive.
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