Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Today and yesterday I had two appointments. Yesterday's was the ultrasound to make sure the baby is growing properly. Inshallah I am praying I will not need a C-section. Today's appointment was rather fast and I was done by 9:30 but did not go home from my appointment until 12. Why, you maybe thinking. My hubby has had some overtime at his work, so he gets home 2:30-3:30 these last few days. He took a pillow and blanket with him on my appointment days these past two days. He fell asleep in the car. I kept calling and calling and leaving messages. It was insane. I was going to go looking for him on all 6 floors of the parking structure when he suddenly appears. But the best part is? That was not even the longest I ever waited for a ride.


queen said...

salam sis,
the thought of pregnancy scares me now, i was really really sick witgh all of mine, I really hope that it goes well and Allah makes it easy for you. having said that tghough i would love to have another baby, but not right now, due to my inlwas i feel that i didnt enjoy my babaies, so no more babie still i get out ofthis hell hole.

Constructive Attitude said...

hahaha. yeah you had to wait FOREVA back at WSU.

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