Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blissful days ahead.

I like the days when my hubby has no work. Not for obvious reasons. My kids are crazy for him. They are super clingy to him and that makes my life easier. My son will not go to bed without his dad.

I was kind of bummed out today because we just looked at the houses and went home. I thought at least be out for a lil bit longer but did not happen.

The best surprise today was discovering I have raspberry trees. All this time I've been contemplating cutting these trees that looked too bunchy and like tall weeds, only to discover they are RASPBERRY TREES!


Mrs4444 said...

We have blackberry bushes all around our house. Since the kids were small, they've enjoyed going out each morning and eating their fills.

Softly Spoken said...

See you've been blogging a lot while I've been "gone."

Tired or else I'd write more.



MarjnHomer said...

Mrs4444-My mom had raspberry bushes but not trees so I was bit suprised by them when my bil discovered them.

SS-Just blog whenever you have any free time and it never has to be long...some of mine are super short. Sometimes I feel I dont blog enough

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