Saturday, May 30, 2009

Too cute for words

My son has learned two new phrases and one more word with his own twist to it. I was laughing til it hurts just hearing him say it. They are: "so annoying", "I don't know" and aloo (which means potato but I think it sounds more like hello with his twist). When he says aloo, his version is closer to how Rosie O'Donnell says "hello" with her lips formed into an O.

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Faith in Writing said...

that's soooo cute!!! I love when little kids say "I don't know". I was nannying a lil girl once and i asked her what she did on the weekend and she said, so cutely "I don't weally know what than means" -no one told her weekdays vs weekends, i guess, lol.

My baby girl keeps saying "Noy. Noy." and she looks like she wants something..... I can't work it out though. She says "Nook!" when she's pointing.. for look.... and she says "Num" when she wants food... what could it be?? I'm stumped.

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