Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh what a day!

I'm super exhausted right now. I asked my daughter if its ok to go take a nap. Her simple reply was no. My son pokes me in the eye if I try to nap and the two of 'em just jump on the bed twisting, tumbling, falling all over me. It would be cute if I were not pregnant.

I keep having this fear that I will go into labor and my hubby will not be near me. The couple of times I had false alarms he was not near and I tried his work place. The calls do not always go through and in case of an emergency what's a girl to do?

The other thought in my head is that I do not have much time in the day with my hubby and that people is annoying to me. If I can not brain dump to him when I feel like it because he is super busy, then who do I brain dump to? A couple more days of this and I'm gonna blow and its not going to be pretty either.

Like today I had the kids for six straight hours by myself after I woke up. They were great up til the end when they started screaming for no reason. My son was screaming for his nap and my daughter just joined in for no reason. Two screaming kids and me on the phone. Not a great picture.

Well that's all for today.


Faith in Writing said...

Lol, I love that they jump on you when you're trying to nap. I lie down next to my little one to try to get her to nap some days when I've had enough and she starts rolling on my back as if it's a game. I guess that's what I get for playing with her in the bed all the time...

Oh, when are you due? It'll be interesting with 3... I nannied for 2 kids the yr before last, 4 and 7, and one day one of them got hurt at the park so he was crying a lot and scared, and the little one she started bawling for no reason other than to copy (maybe she was scared too though) and in the end she was louder than him and scaring him more with her tears.... it was the worst day ever. I was pregnant then too. It was like I was exhausted already from being 7 mnths pregnant, and then I just went past exhaustion into some sort of hysterical bubble. But I had to keep it together even more because they weren't my kids. Oh, it was such a trying day!! But it taught me I could get through anything. I'm hopign to just stick to one child for a while... maybe for my whole life, lol. I don't think I could havndle any more with a husband I don't even undertsand half the time.

MarjnHomer said...

Inshallah it'll get better. being pregnant with 2 kids already is crazy enough but allah gives us what we can handle. after this one im gonna be more careful at all times or just avoid it all together til all of them are in school. inshallah you'll have more kids when the time is right.

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