Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The beginning of a beautiful day...

Woke up this morning.
Had breakfast with the kids
hubby and his bros left the house by
9 am. Son is crying for dad.
Take both kids outside.
Attached to me like glue.
The sun is gorgeous, just gorgeous
against my face.
and inside I'm feeling truly happy.
The run around. We come in for lunch.
Doughnuts with milk and orange slices.
Hey its quick, for two hungry kids and me.
Both kids too quiet for their own good and
me cleaning in peace. It was a miracle!
Daughter listening to nasheeds online,
YouTube! Son playing with blocks.
Fewer tantrums and fights.
Go outside again. Daughter freaked
out by some bug!

As I'm posting this my dad leaves from
my house and my kids are crying. One because
the other pulled her hair. Son is crying because
his sister is in tears. Bubble busted!

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