Monday, May 18, 2009


I forgot to mention this. Last night I went to my mom's house. I called my hubby several times because of I had an aching back. Those are one of the signs of labor, especially if it spreads to the front of your belly. Its like whenever I need this guy, I can never reach him by phone. Its frustrating because what if I really do go into labor one day and he's not there. Then I try my brother and he does not pick up and finally as a last resort I try my dad. No one picks up and I have to call 911. Time wasted because everyone keeps their phones on silent. Frustrating for a pregnant woman! Especially since the beginning of the pregnancy the wacko docs mentioned a preterm delivery. Paranoid Pregnant Woman on the Loose! My hubby turned off his phone because he was in the masjid (Muslim house of worship) the entire time.

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