Tuesday, May 26, 2009

fuzzy brained!

Lately more and more people have become hopeless due to the economy. Many are losing jobs and trying to figure out a way to support their families but when the unemployment runs out and you have bills piling, what do you do? What made me think of death all of a sudden is the ex-Korean leader who committed suicide a few days ago.

The man became so hopeless and the world was caving in on him that he could not take it any more and committed suicide. There are countless stories of husbands who have killed their families off due to financial reasons.

There must be a reason for all this nonsense but really there isn't.

Have a great day!


Lisa said...

I'm fixing to be done with the first 6 months of unemployment after being laid off from Microsoft's company in Austin. I'm wondering what to do. In Korea, they work so hard and if things don't go well, they blame themselves all the more. That poor guy, so many are feeling the burden of this recession.

MarjnHomer said...

ya the recession is worse than many imagined and who knows when it will get better...but my thing is you have to have hope and faith that it will.

queen said...

Ah that is sad, that such situations drive man to commit suicide, i guess it outlines the importance of having a strong bellief in the Almighty, may Allah help us all to keep strong this faith.

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