Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Have you even been to the doctor and seen the doctor, who rather make notes on her own about your health and well being without even talking to you? That has happened to me TWICE and today my hubby was mocking the poor girl. She talks and says "OK" every other time and when she is done jotting all her notes, she breaks down the information for me. Its like ask me or make your notes before you come into the room. She basically said that if my next baby is big, say over 8 pounds or so, then I will need a-section. If I do not opt for the C-section, I could get a tear. If I get a tear I'm at risk for incontinence. At first I was like I'm going to be incompetent. I was thinking, really? Now I'm super depressed because I do not want another C-section. Its painful, not to mention it takes longer to recover and I need help with everything. The baby weight takes forever to come off. The list goes on.

Another reason I'm bummed out today is my neighbors in the blue house next to me want to sell their house. I actually like them though we never talk, just the occasional wave. Their son is super funny and I talked to him a couple times and the wife waves. The elder gentleman is sulky but he does not bother anyone. Then the pink house on the block, the people have posted up a "For Rent" sign.

We need a bigger house and I'm not freaking out about that yet, though we are searching like EVERYWHERE.

No more stress for me. I do not need it. My friend who lost one of her twins, which is still inside of her, depresses me sometimes. She says that she does not feel the baby move. She thought like that the last time and one of them did actually die. She needs to stop this negative thinking and I tell her but she will not listen. I do not know what else to say to get through to her that her negativity will affect her unborn child. Want a happy baby? Have happy thoughts.

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