Friday, March 27, 2009

House for Sale! (Yeah right!)

This week went to fast but then again not fast enough. I feel like the days are just passing me by and I have done nothing to show for them. My kids swallow all my time and energy. My husband has lately been searching for a new house and its driving me crazy. When he finds a house he falls in love with, he has me call the realtor. The conversation is usually something like this:

Me: Hello, I would like more info on the property located at 1235 Fantasy Lane Drive.
Realtor: Well that house is pending.

The other scenario is:
Me: Hi, I would like more info on the property located at 1234 Looneyville Lane.
Realtor: That house has been sold.
Note: We just seen the house online and it was posted a DAY ago and its already sold.

I rather just rent but he wants to buy. I showed him a FREAKING GORGEOUS house in one city with the price tag of under 200 grand. It was like I said FREAKING GORGEOUS!

I am not a person who is superficial and like to be more reality based. I know what we can afford and how my guy is under a lot of stress if he has just credit card bills. Now he wants to buy a house with most of it being under a mortgage. If you fall behind on those payments, then the house is foreclosed. I'm so lost and am praying that Allah shows us a way out.

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