Saturday, March 21, 2009

friday flashbacks #3

Its been over a year since my maternal grandfather passed away and it feels like its been forever since I seen him. The past weekend we had a gathering at my uncle's house and everyone recited Quran and prayed for him. One big prayer that was lead by my uncle. He became very emotional during the prayer. My son fell asleep in the car on the ride home. So I was like "yes!" to myself because that means I get to sleep next to my hubby in the same bed. As I was changing into my pj's, my son was on the bed staring at me. He would not fall asleep. If I so much as moved away, he would sit up again and look at me. It was spooky. Finally the little kid did knock out at 1 am.
My daughter, as many of you have read in past blogs, is super clever in many ways. She was holding a tall building made of blocks. She calls it her doll. She said she wanted to breast feed the "doll". I asked how are you going to breast feed your doll and she pointed to her chest. Now I am more cautious about what she sees and hears.
What is a traditional housewife? Is it someone who only cooks and cleans and does nothing else? If that is the definition, then I do not fit into that role. I would like to be more than a mother and wife. I want to be an inspiration to my kids and support for my hubby.
My bil killed a mouse. He stepped on it and after he did, he was calling for me. I told him, "If there is a mouse in that room, I will not come near you." LOL
I woke up this wet, Sunday morning and Billy as usual was hungry. First thing I asked my lil guy was where's your sister? He looked beside him and found no one. Usually if he does not see her or something is finished he'll be like "no more". But he did not say that.
Last night me and the hubs were sleeping very close to each other. While we were the baby kept kicking and I was "the baby is moving." He's like "yeah I know, i can feel him." How awesome is that.
My nephew is so mischievous. M has no boundaries and does what he pleases. One great example was last weekend. My mom suggested giving my hubs juice instead of tea because there wasn't going to be enough for everyone. I said "nah, he'll drink tea, I'll just have less so he can have mine." Bad idea. Always listen to your mom. she has an intuition for these things. anyways, as my hubs was drinking his tea, M kicked a big ball at him and splashed the tea all over his clothes. I had to wash it real quick before the stain set in. It was one of his outfits that he wears when he goes out.
Women are so manipulative. They can get the best secrets all with a smile and that secret look in the eyes. My cousin's wife got out of me the sex of my baby. I wanted to keep it a secret from everyone. She was like "yeah you're mom told me it was a ****." So after she said it and we talked some, she confessed "I lied, your mom didn't tell me but you just did." I wanted to smack her. Women are so manipulative.


Mrs4444 said...

Yeah, I heard you were having a boy. What?!!! I swear, that's what I heard! :)

MarjnHomer said...

Yes you heard true. I have about 4 or so months left...the suspense is never ending!

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