Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just another Ordinary Day

Today was quite an eventful day for me. I woke up as usual and stayed up after Fajr (morning prayer) with my kids. They are very weird. They don't let me sleep in until like 10 am or something since forever. So at my appointment they did all these tests and the ultrasound. I got more pics and one is even of the baby's spine in 3-D color. It's pretty cool. The ultrasound lady said I could see the face but I just could not make it out. One of the nurses drew like a gazillion vials of blood (actually it was like 8-10) and my arm was getting numb from the band. She took a couple extra to send to the lab to check for cystic fibrosis. Then the doctor comes in and starts talking about getting an amniocentesis done too because my child could have Down''s syndrome and the only way to make sure is through the amnio. Of course I declined! I am not putting my child at risk of losing him after all this that I have been going through. To terminate someone just because they are sick or impaired is just wrong. Who knows what that person can contribute to society if you just kill it. KILL IT! Such powerful words when talking about a life. That is growing inside of you. I'm so against abortion that I will never terminate a fetus. It has life after 40 days. This is another topic that I will discuss much later when I am more comfortable.

As usual I'm optimistic that everything is great and the baby is healthy and praying to Allah to have a healthy, beautiful, full term baby. Another surprise today is that my due date was off by 10 days. 10 whole days. Someone calculated it wrong on the wheelie. Then I was pondering over the fact that if I have on 4th of July, I will deliver an American baby but then again all my kids are American being born in America, duh! Pregnancy makes your brain very dull.

My daughter is super cute. She called while I was in the doctor's office and was talking to me.
Sumy: Mom, where are you?
Me: at the doctor's
Sumy: Who's' that talking?
Me: This lady near me.
Me: The doctor took some blood from me.
Sumy: I want to see.
Me: You will when I get home.

So when I got home, she said "I want to see where they took your blood." So after I showed her, she says "don't go to the doctor any more."

Her best line of all is "OK, ok you can stop crying now."


Constructive Attitude said...

sumaya's so cute. mashallah
and they said the same thing about bobby, but we all know how that turned out.

Chuckle said...

i think those idiots say that to everyone for research purposes. they're a bunch of idiots. and i have conflicting feelings about abortion. maybe because i don't have a kid of my own yet?

MarjnHomer said...

yeah well they are doctors and the main doctor i had was like repeatedly asking me if i would terminate the pregnancy and i said no. of course not. i wanted to write a longer post about this one friend i have and how her comments are gettin on my nerves. but maybe next time.

controlled chaos said...

iA everything is ok with the baby :)

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