Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do Not Enter!

So as a parent, you learn a thing or two, when you have two little ones at home and no one to watch them but you. I have learned if I need to use the restroom and both are awake, we will all go to the potty at once whether we need to or not. It keeps me from worrying whether my 1 year old is injuring himself or breaking something. So right now I went to the bathroom. With my one year old and placed him in the tub. My 3 year old comes and tries to open the door. I shout "close the door" because there are two other men in the house that are not my hubby (and I dont want them seeing me on the toilet, can you imagine?). So after I shouted at her, Thing 1 (1 yr. old) starts crying and Thing 3 (3 yr old) starts making gassy noises like she is pooping outside the door. I yell "are you crapping out there?". When you ask that and get no reply, usually they are. But no she was not but just wanting to come inside and was near the bottom of the door looking in (not possible but hey a girl can try).

Side note: she pissed on herself today and her dad does not know about it. After she was done, she said "mom, I pissed on myself."

1 comment:

Mrs. Cullen said...

lollll this is soo cute

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