Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ode to my In-Laws

Its raining ice outside and the kids are asleep. The house is quiet and I have half an orange next to thinking "what am I planning for the rest of my life?". Pretty deep questions when you are home by yourself.

Well that will have to wait. I have been thinking and giving many the wrong impression on what I think my in laws are like and here I will break it down into simpler terms. I really do like them, alot, in fact I even admire them and their very religious side. My in-laws are not like anyone I have ever met.

For example, my mil, is one funny gal. She sits around like she is a little kid, sometimes. She does not act her age at all and when she starts chatting with you, it goes on forever. One time me and her were talking about the village and stuff that we both forgot rice was on the stove. When I smelled burning I ran to the stove but the rice was done. Instead of being upset, we just laughed over it. She does not look at men at all. If a man comes into the same room as her, she will turn her face away. She will listen to lectures online and not look at the man on the screen. If a magazine comes with a man on the cover anywhere, she will flip it over or fold it and put it away. She is a person who avoids going to places where sinning will occur, even to weddings where she is closely related to the person.

My fil is one strong person. He has been fighting diabetes and high blood pressure. Though he is very weak, he will still walk to the masjid for every prayer. He rather give up his chance of coming to the States than miss a prayer in the masjid. His masjid is walking distance and he goes whether it is rain or shine, day or night. He raised 7 boy and 2 girls with the help and assistance from his wife. When it comes to weddings, he will not let his daughter in laws go because of mixed weddings.

They really are both wonderful people and I am blessed to be their daughter in law who will receive many of their wonderful prayers. May Allah bless them with a long and wonderful life together and a joyous Aakirah.

Jazakallah khair

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