Monday, November 17, 2008


So, as I've mentioned before, I love when me and my guy, S have pillow talk. Its like a time to reconnect with no one around and say everything that is going through our heads. To me its beyond refreshing and a great way to reconnect after so long. So last night we were talking up until maybe 2 in the morning. One thing that stuck out while we were talking was secrets.

Let me get back to the topic of secrets later. One thing I have to mention is that I once read in this book "A gift for the Muslim Bride" that you should not tell your husband/wife everything about your family members. One reason is that, say (Allah forbid), you guys get a divorce, he knows so much about you and your family that he can go and tell people. This scene of spreading rumors does not apply just to husbands and wives. If more than one person is living with you in the house and they do not like you, they will spread lies so fast it will take more than the LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Dept) will have a hard time putting it out.

So as we were talking he told me that he does not tell me everything. That he has some secrets and stuff he keeps from me. When he told me this my brain was working a million miles a minute. What can he be hiding from me? So I asked him to give me an example and he would not. Ok, now I'm freaking out. So we talk some more and he's like that he when he knows theres no benefit in me knowing he will not tell me. *sigh of relief* Becuase of course I trust him and his judgment.


Chuckle said...

wow how annoying.

Mutmainnah said...

Woah I was about to sayyy

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