Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Times A' Changin

Guest post written by Kendra Tierney
For the long weekend, I went to Alabama to see my family. I've been putting in so many hours at work that I haven't gotten to see them in months. It's been sad, so I am definitely happy about the fact that I finally got the chance to see everyone. I think I definitely got some quality time in, even though it was only a short visit. A long weekend is as good as an option as I can hope for as an adult. I miss the days when I was in college. I had a lot of long breaks that allowed me to go home. However, I suppose most people don't have those options after they are college aged...yeah, it's life!

In any case, I think my visit to Alabama went very well. We made dinner together, watched a few classic movies and just spent time catching up. I also ran a few errands for my mother, as well. I helped her shop, and I also I helped her find a place that sells Miracle Ear Hearing Aids. Now that I am back in Alabama, I find myself looking forward to next time I get to go and visit my parents!


Anonymous said...

Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..

Anonymous said...

Awesome, that’s exactly what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of searching around

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