Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Cheap Seat

Who has the time and energy to keep calling radio stations day after day trying to get tickets to a soldout concert? Or what about the ridiculous prices for an even like the Super Bowl?Well at has the solution for you. It has tickets that are usually not sold to the public.

The tickets are categorized as concert, theater, and sports tickets. Once you select a ticket of your choice, you get matched with more popular categories to show other interests you might not have thought of. Reading the fine print you find out that the tickets are obtained through the secondary market and are being resold, so all ticket sales are final. NO REFUND.

The venue guide lets you know how many events are being held in your area so that takes all the guess work out if you want to attend something or not or whether an even is in your area or not. For die hard hockey fans, they can check out whether their favorite teams will be battling it out for the Stanley Cup.
Whether you're getting New York Islanders Tickets or New York Rangers Tickets
or Philadelphia Flyers Tickets or Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets or Toronto Maple Leafs Tickets (and the list can go on), know that with each purchase, you will definitely be having a good time watching your favorite sport or event live.

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