Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fragments

my daughter this week was like mom, do you like us? i asked her why? she said well sometimes we cry and fight. that meant a lot. because she really gets it.

I'm reading a book call "sometimes big, sometimes small" to my daughter. the book teaches when a child feels big and when they feel small.

my "twin" sister said she would come over this week and she did. :-)

my mom spent the night and left right away when my dad came over. then she "disappeared" for a little bit and no one could find her. she was at her brother's and later on at her brother in law's. i thought maybe her and dad were having a date night or something.

my son for two days now, would wake up crying from his sleep. i cosleep with my kids, all 3 of them. one bed and me in a queen size bed. morning time rolls around my body is sore but they are all rested. so my solution to this problem is to create a "bed" on the floor for my daughter and older son.

my son, the older one all week was for a couple of days he wants to pull his teeth out because then he can become a baby again like his baby brother.

my kids tell me that their brother was in the sky when they went to their uncle's wedding a couple of years ago.  No one ever mentioned this to them before so where did they pick it up from?


Mrs. Cullen said...

your kids r smart! mashallah

Mrs. Cullen said...

your kids r smart! mashallah

MarjnHomer said...

jazakallah pray that they are well deen-ed kids when they grow up

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