Wednesday, November 10, 2010

everyone cheats!

Everyone cheats.  People have been cheating since the beginning of time.  Everyone at one point or another cheated, whether on an exam or on their significant other. Its getting harder and harder to find honest, trustworthy people. 

Recently 200 students were caught cheating on their midterm exam at the University of Central Florida.  The professor, Richard Quinn issued an ultimatum: confess to cheating or face expulsion.  With one month away from graduation, at least 75% of the students have confessed directly or through email. 

confession time: I used to help others cheat in middle and high school.  I hated it now that I think back on it.  I myself would rather fail at an exam because I did not study rather than get a great grade because I cheated.  I feel greatly about that and try to enforce a no cheating policy in my household.  It sounds hypocritical but I would like to raise honest kids by being a better role model.  If they can make me into a better person, then somewhere along the line I think I did my best.


Calabresella said...

I probably copied off you in Biology, didn't I? It's horrible that I don't even remember, but I'm sure you do. I copied off friends in Chemistry, too, but Mr. Hernandez kind of encouraged it...Still not an excuse.

I'm sorry! I hope I did not make you feel horrible or awkward. Please know that now that I'm older, I study, learn and do my own school work in college.

It is hard to find a trustworthy friend, but mostly let go of the ones who are not.

MarjnHomer said...

lol you prob did..but i allowed really is hard to find trustworthy ppl these days and those friends are rare. hold on to them whenever possible..dont feel guilty seriously..we were young. we made mistakes..we have to learn from them.

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