Friday, August 20, 2010


My mind is blank. I had a great post to write but now its not coming to me. I am going to try to start blogging regularly instead of waiting for the moment to hit me. I feel like for every hour spent online I am losing precious face to face time with others. Now its so much comfortable to talk to others online than in person. I have never been a person who can do small chit-chat with a stranger. If that stranger were to approach me and make talk then the next time around it would be easier.

The funniest thing I remember was talking to my bff on the phone forever. She can never come to my house, all these excuses. I finally see her in the university library and just stare. No words! I was busy. Then her husband was like, "who's that?" She's like, "Marj". His reply was, "well why didn't she say anything."

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