Monday, August 2, 2010

Goal with a Prayer

I passed my 300th blog post. Yayyy! "The crowd goes wild." I never thought that would happen but apparently I did have things to talk about.

So today is my baby sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Mas! I baked her a 3 layer cake. I found a way to get all the ingredients and round pans. Pics of it will be posted soon.

I'm trying to have more guests over and thinking of new ideas for food and appetizers. I made deviled eggs over the weekend, twice. Yumm!

With goals it seems like if you make them and do not do anything to forward them they will just stay goals and nothing else. You have to take the initiative to actually do them if you want them to happen.

Hot summer days, cold summer nights. I have been waiting to say that for so long. Ramadan is right around the corner and I keep meaning to finish the Quran before that. I got distracted and lazy with life. I need to get back on track. Since it has the answers to all life's questions I would like to learn more in depth what each chapter means.

There was a great prayer on one of the groups I joined on facebook. It goes like this:

Dear Allah..!!

I don't know of all the challenges
my friends are facing today in this
world but you know everything!!

I hear their silence
you hear their plead...

I see them laughing see their tears

I see when they give
you see what has been taken from them

I see their appearance
you see the scars in their soul

I experience their faith
you know their doubts

I ask you to give them everything they need and
Bless them abundantly for all the times to come...

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