Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

this is my facebook status for today:Heaven is under your mother's feet. Treat her with kind words and actions always. Never say a harsh word to her that would her feelings not even "ugh". She did carry you for 10 months (40 weeks), wean you and raise you to become who you are today. Remember that Mother's day is everyday.

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Tricia said...

What a lovely quote. Happy Mothers Day!

Btw,About suggestions on books. I read any I can get but I don't focus on the big names alone. I have come to love books by
'Debbie Macomber',
'Cecelia Ahern'
'Toni Morrison'
'Bridget Jones',
These are just few.I love passing by old book stands.:)
Another thing is I try to be sensitive to what I see,touch and feel and learn how to describe them, the little things people pass.
Thank you

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