Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Purpose Driven Life

I've been brainwashed by Oprah.

She is the woman who keeps saying over and over that you need to find a purpose to your life. I thought the purpose of my life was to get married, have kids and raise them.

Turns out, I was wrong. You need something besides being a stay at home mom and wife to do that for you. I'm at times lost. Repeating my days on end. Even on the weekend. I suggested to my hubby that I should quit school to become an elementary school teacher and become a massage therapist.

Why you may ask or be thinking would I want to do that?

Well. I'm very good giving massages. 3 people told me. I know its not a lot but I'm not giving away free massages to random people on the streets.

Sometimes I feel like joining the circus. I could be in the show and watch it at the same time (watch while I'm not performing, obviously).

So what is the purpose behind your life or are you still figuring that out yourself?


hypermom said...

I would love a massage just about now :)

P.S. I too have been brainwashed by Oprah at one point ;)

Softly Spoken said...

Oprah easily brainwashes!

My purpose is to help others through my writing. Hope that all pans out well.

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